The Ultimate List of 200 Wedding Favors

By Retno Dwinika

Before your big day, you’re probably wondering what kind of wedding favours to give away on your happiest day. For that reason, I made an enormous list of wedding favours that you can consider on the most important day in your life.

1 USB Stick, with the link to the photos

Photo by: Happy Topper Store

Bring your USB stick favor to the next level! Everyone will always curious about the wedding result of the wedding photos. On the stick you’ll find a dropbox link, where eventually all the wedding photos will be uploaded. Combine it with little thank you card that contains the date of your photo upload deadline. Brilliant!

2 Hangover Relief Kits

Photo by: Personalized favours

You want to make sure that your guests can survive the day after ‘the big day’!

3 Bubble Blowers

Photo by: La Cotovie

If you dreamt about bubbles between your flower shower. Give it it your guests and place a little thank note! It’s also very cute as a wedding favor.

4 Lottery Tickets

Photo by: Unknown

Maybe they’ll hit that jackpot. Who knows!

5 Pinecone Fire Starter

Photo by: Evermine

A Pinecone fire starter is a neat option for winter wedding favors. An easy DIY you can make in no time! A “Flame of Love” label like the one shown above makes these unique wedding favors perfect for your romantic day.

6 DIY Snow Globe

Photo by: Evermine

For the creative Bride and Groom. There are numerous DIY tutorials of snow globes online and easy to follow.

7 Charity

Photo by: Wildflower Favours

Make donation to a charity on behalf of your guests. It’s a sweet heart touching gesture, which doesn’t have to be expensive too.

8 Pressed Flowers

Photo by: Martha Stewart Weddings

Framed pressed flowers with your guest’s name in calligraphy. You could set them as seating assignment. A one-of-a-kind place card and wedding favor two-in-one.

9 CBD Oil Wedding Favor (depending on your country!)

Photo by: Mineral Health

This, depends of the the laws in your country of course. The CBD oil has proven health benefits, which is always a beautiful gift.

10 Marijuana wedding favor (depending on your country!)

Photo by: Evermine

Yes! This wedding favor is possible in some countries or states. But like the CBD oil, you have to make sure that your area where you organize the wedding allows this.

11 Sparklers

Photo by: John Dolan Photography

Who doesn’t love sparklers? other than use it to get an amazing grand entrance photo with all the guests and sparklers, you can give it to them as a favor too. Personalised with a note!

12 Mini Wooden Heart

Photo by: MantaMakesLtd via Etsy

Hand written or engraved, Wood is just cooler than a piece of paper.

13 S’mores Kit

Photo by: Wedding Lovely

For many, nostalgic. And you can make fun puns with them.

14 Custom Water Bottles

Photo by: My Wedding Favors

Customized water bottles to fit your wedding theme.

15 Notebook

Photo by: Wedding News Day

Knowing that everyone needs to make notes their whole life, a notebook is an amazingly perfect idea.. Get a bunch of notebooks and combine it with cute little note or pencil.

16 Mini Journals

Photo by: Scoutbooks

Gather a bunch of plain mini journals, and then use your handwriting skills (or get a personalized stamp) and get the cover as creative as you want.

17 Worry Dolls

Photo by: Eden Willow

“Worry dolls” are an important part of the Guatemalan culture, and are often gifted as emblems of peace and love.

18 Perler Decorated Candy

Photo by: Sarah Marie Studios

For the geeky couples, it just takes a little time to create them for all your guests.

19 wooden card holder

Photo by: Unknown

Be creative with your seating arrangement and make it as their favor in the same time! you can be creative by adding customized engraving of your wedding date on the wood.

20 Their name on a Crystal.

Photo by: Stephanie Messick Photography

If you have calligraphy skills, you can use these skills to write your guests’ names on an Agate Crystal Slice.

21 Zippo Lighter

Photo by: The Feather Pen Shop

It just looks cooler than a plastic lighter.

22 Diy Mixed Drink Kits

Photo by: Something Turquoise

This funny to-do gift, will definitely surprise your guests.

23 Clothes Hanger

Photo by: Melodie Soul

You can do a lot with this, customized with name of the invitee, place a mini flower, or just leave it plain classy.

24 Matches

Photo by: Bradley James Photography

These matchboxes are not expensive, and you can DIY them too.

25 Book Index

Photo by: Sunshine and Ravioli

If you’re crafty and want to have some fun, these are easy (and super cheap) to make yourself!

26 Personalized Lego

Photo by: The Brick Lad

Lego is always fun! Kids and even adults can’t say no to this!

Wedding Favors in Jar

27 Sriracha Salt in a Jar

Photo by: Braised Anatomy

Get some jars and use your kitchen to make this Sriracha Salt. Amaze them with your chef skills!

28 Himalayan Salt in a Jar

Photo by: Emily Wren

With the added health benefits and it looks lovely in little jars!

29 Jelly in a Jar

Photo by: Unknown

If wedding planning takes over your life and you have no time to make jelly yourself, numerous companies will be able to help you out.

30 Candy in a Jar

Photo by: Anoiva Curiousa

Usually I got sweets in a bag at almost every wedding, why not place them into miniature jars?

31 Flavored Sugars in a Jar

Photo by: Sugar and Charm

To end your big day on a sweet note, offer guest a jar of flavor infused sugar. Dried citrus and fragrant flowers can offer the best hint of something special to these charming jars.

32 Jam in a Jar

Photo by: The Wedding of my dreams

As same as Jelly in a jar, we are lucky it’s easy to find a supplier.

33 Honey in a Jar

Photo by: Sugar and Chic Shop via Etsy

Somehow everything in a jar looks more attractive. Definitely if there’s something usable in it.

34 Mason Jar Sipper

Photo by: Happywedd

You can drink from this mason jar!

35 Apple Butter Favors

Photo by: Weddingomania

Give away your homemade apple butter favor in a little weck jar, with personalized note!

36 Hot Cocoa Jars in a jar

Photo by: Thegirlinspired

Absolutely a lovely favor to receive during the winter months.

37 Mini Confetti Jar

Photo by: Sugarandcloth

A little gold foil confetti dresses up these small glass favor jars making them a pretty addition to your table décor.

Alcoholic Favors

You can’t go wrong with a good beverage as a gift.

38 Mini Limoncello Bottles

Photo by: Chavelli

39 Mini Champagne bottles

Photo by: Huffington Post

40 Mini bottle of baileys

Photo by: Baileys

41 Mini bottle of vodka

Photo by: Skoodo via Etsy

42 Mini bottle of rum

Photo by: Skoodo via Etsy

43 Mini bottle of whiskey

Photo by: Stylemepretty

44 Mini bottles of tequila

Photo by: Huffington Post

45 Mini Wine Bottles

Photo by: Unknown


46 Tulip Bulbs

Photo by: Intimate Weddings

Anything that can grow is fun to receive!

47 Potted Plants

Photo by: Unknown

Small plants are excellent decorative items that your guests would love to take home.

48 Succulents

Photo by: The Succulent Source

Who doesn’t love succulents? Succulents can be combined with numerous of cool jars, to fit your wedding theme!

49 Herbs in a pot

Photo by: Gloria Mesa Photography

Everyday in the kitchen we use herbs. Like basil! They keep growing and it’s fun to pick when they’re ready, and they make a nice addition to a kitchen too.

50 Mini Bottled Roses

Photo by: Erin Lee

These bottled roses make not only a creative name sign, but also serve as a lovely wedding favor.

51 Mini Chili Plant

Photo by: Ikea

Mini plants are cute! A chilli plant can grow chilies while it’s small. And they can grow indoor too.

52 Cacti Plants

Photo by: Megan Welker Photography

Tired of succulents? choose cacti! They’ll fit in almost every wedding theme! Plus, they can live both indoors and outdoors.

53 Small Bags with Mini Roses

Photo by: Vintage Home Ca

Roses are beautiful, and they are a wonderful accessory for the House.

54 Baby Avocado Plant

Photo by: Unknown

Give away baby avocado plants! You can grow them from every used avocado. An unique gift for your guests’ homes.

55 Seeds

Photo by: Catering Denver

Tomato plants, Basil plants or Chili plants? Give your guests something they can grow themselves!

Kitchen and Dining

56 Personalized Champagne Glass

Photo by: Unknown

Give your guests an own champagne glass, personalized with a note.

57 Cutlery

Photo by: IzzyandLoll

No one has too much cutlery! In a jute bag, it looks wonderful!

58 Tea in a Glass Tube

Photo by: Glamour

Put your favorite tea blend in a glass tube!

59 Mini Chocolate Fondue Set

Photo by: Raclette Corner

Give your guests something that’s extremely fun and delicious to do!

60 Chopsticks

Photo by: Favorsandflowers

Lovely for asian themed weddings.

61 Olive Oils

Photo by: Lia Griffith

You’ll definitely leave an amazing impression you infuse the olive oil, with a twig of thyme, or even some chili peppers!

62 Coasters

Photo by: VermontBranchCompany via Etsy

Let your guests bring home some of the rustic charm.

63 Tea in a Can

Photo by: Something Turquoise

Tea again? Yes, but a different presentation.

64 Cutting Boards

Photo by: Baked by Joanna

This favor stands out, you’re giving your attendees something they will use for a long time!

65 Ice Cream Scoops

Photo by: Oli & Zo via

Everyone loves ice cream and they’ll absolutely adore these ice cream scoop wedding favors.

66 Salad Dressings

Photo by: Unknown

The most important element on any salad, and you can make them yourself too. Sidenote: Vinaigrettes can last up to 3 months, where mayo or cream based dressings last between 1 and 2 months.

67 Hot Sauce

Photo by: Huffington Post

Give your attendees a hot sauce they can use for almost everything!

68 Shot Glasses

Photo by: Evermine

Everyone can use an extra shot glass.

69 Coffee Beans

Photo by: Something Turquoise

A sample of your favorite local roaster, who doesn’t love fresh coffee beans?

70 Bottle of Wine

Photo by: Indigo Photography

You might have very delicious wine in your wedding, and the guest will be curious what kind of wine you have. “No questions and please take the joy with you!”

71 Tea Cups

Photo by: Larava Photography

A tea cup with sweets? Something for the kitchen will always be appreciated!

72 Beer Bottle Glasses

Photo by: Made It

With a glass bottle cutter, you can easily upcycle old (beer) bottles. The result is awesome! Fill them with your favorite candies, fruits or anything edible.

73 Mini Spice Bottles

Photo by: Trio Artisan Designs via Etsy

Always handy for the kitchen, your guests will be grateful!

74 Mini Recipe book

Photo by: Huffington Post

Got family recipes to share or your have own favorites? Share the love with your guests!

75 Pizza Cutter

Photo by: SG Wedding Favors

Give your guests a slice of love, or let them make their own slices.

76 Syrup in a Small Bottle

Photo by: Lev Kuperman Photography

Syrups in a bottle with a personalized card. Why not?

77 Lemonade Mix

Photo by: Millie Holloman Photography

With these “Main Squeeze” Lemonade Mix favors you can provide a way to make a thirst-quenching beverage for your guests when they’re at home!

78 Bottle Openers

Photo by: Unknown

They’re always useful for that cold beer in the fridge. Engraving is optional, you can use paper/cardboard tags as more affordable alternative to personalise.

79 Salt & Pepper Shakers

Photo by: Light In The Box

Fun and functional! Guests will enjoy using them again and again long after the wedding day is over.

80 Mojito DIY Kits

Photo by: Unknown

This will definitely not be thrown in the trash can. Let your guests make their own Mojitos at home!

81 Key Bottle Openers

Photo by: Personalized Favours

Another bottle opener! however, this key shaped bottle opener complements a vintage wedding theme.

82 Cookie Cutter

Photo by: Twenty Seven via

When your (creative) guests are making cookies, they can always make something to remind them of your most beautiful day.

83 Wine Stoppers

Photo by: My Wedding Favors

Who doesn’t appreciate a wine stopper?

84 Espresso Cups

Photo by: Wedding Wish

A fun way to give a sample of your favorite roaster’s coffee beans.

85 Small Container of Vanilla Extract

Photo by: Evermine

Amazing for the home pastry chefs.

86 Drink Stirrers

Photo by: Sandoval Studios

Simple but useful, you can design it as cute or as classy as you want.

87 Barbecue Sauce

Photo by: Kristi Wright Photography

Give your loved ones little barbecue sauces in cute bottles!

88 Wine Glass

Photo by: Beau Coup

Because no one has too much wine glasses. You can personalize and decorate them very for not that much money, or fill them with your favorite sweets. Printing text on the glass is optional.

89 Tea Infusers

Photo by: Wedding Collectibles

For the aromatic tea leaves.


90 Light Snacks

Photo by: Unknown

Personalize the jars with a simple sticker and a marker. Whatever you put in the jar is up to you!

91 Fruits

Photo by: Intimate Weddings

If you plan a garden wedding, fruits could be a nice idea as a wedding favor.

92 Sprinkles

Photo by: Something Turquoise

A funny playful way to give away sprinkles, and luckily not that expensive either.

93 Cotton Candy

Photo by: Woman Getting Married

Who will say no to this cute load of sweetness?

94 Popcorn in Mini Bags

Photo by: Luke and Cat Photography

A very affordable idea, and with the right message, very fun.

95 Canned Fruit in a Jar

Photo by: Jennifer Eileen Photography

Your guests might don’t want to eat the fruits immediately, put the contents of the can in a (personalized) jar to make it look more presentable.

96 Lollipops

Photo by: Anges de Sucre

One of most easiest to be creative with, make your lollipop as cute as you want.

97 Ice Cream

Photo by: 100 Layer Cake

Because Ice cream as a departing gift, in a mason jar looks so cute!

98 Lightbulb Jelly Beans

Photo by: Anoiva Curiosa

Here’s a bright idea, Fill a mini lightbulb with your favorite Jelly Beans. Tie them with name tags if you’d like to use them as place cards as well.

99 Chocolate Bar

Photo by: Quirky Gift Library via

Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate? It’s all up to you, but the bars are sure to be a hit for guests with a sweet tooth.

100 Cupcakes

Photo by: Unknown

Package mini cupcakes in secure boxes that show off the mouth-watering treats (without ruining their frosting).

101 Raw Popcorn Seeds

Photo by: Evermine

If you love cute ideas and a funny caption, why not this one?

102 Granola Bar

Photo by: Oh Sweet Basil

You can use your favorite brand, or make your own homemade Granola bars.

103 Candy from in a Machine

Photo by: Weddingstar

A funny way to store and give away candies.

104 Caramel Apples

Photo by: Unknown

It’s an easy DIY, and they look amazingly cute!

105 Homemade Granola

Photo by: Evermine

“Love goes through the stomach”, a perfect, tasty DIY gift for your loved ones. (Or you buy premade granola)

106 Bottle of Soda

Photo by: Angie Moon Photographer

You can customize them too.

107 Macarons

Photo by: Meg Smith Photography

More sweetness! you can make it simple with one macaron, or use multiple flavored macarons in customized box.

108 Donuts

Photo by: Evermine

You can not go wrong with a sweet donut.

109 Bride & Groom Cookies

Photo by: Cute Sweet Things

Something edible that represents you and your spouse.

110 Fortune Cookie

Photo by: Gourmet Wedding Gifts

Custom fortune cookies make unique and memorable wedding favors. Thank your guests with the note inside!

111 Marshmallows

Photo by: Unknown

A marshmallow with a personalized note is an affordable fun way to thank your guests.

112 Pies

Photo by: My Wedding Favors

Bonus points if the pies are home made!

113 Soft Pretzels

Photo by: Sweet Home Darlings via Etsy

A snack makes the ride home a little bit more enjoyable for your guests.

114 Chocolate

Photo by:Butlers Chocolate

We think you can’t go wrong with chocolate either, bars, chocolate shells, all ideas with chocolate work somehow.

115 Tiny Pizzas

Photo by: Jo Photo

If you’re looking for something a little different as a wedding favor then why not try mini pizzas?

116 Midnight Snack Kit

Photo by: Elyse Hall

A bottle of Coke and fries make the ultimate late-night snack and will help satisfy your guests after the big wedding.

117 Personalized Tic-Tacs

Photo by: SoSweetPartyShop via Etsy

Because you want your guests to leave the party with a fresh breath.

118 His/Her Favorite

Photo by: Something Turquoise

You might have different preferences. His favorite is maybe dark chocolate and Her favorite might be white chocolate. Give every guest both!

119 Potato Chips

Photo by: Oldani Photography

With proper packaging, this can be a very affordable and cute favor.


120 Sunglasses

Photo by: Fab Mood

If you organized a destination wedding in a tropical destination, this might be gratefully used by your guests.

121 Towels

Photo by:

A favor that your guests will appreciate. You can make it more affordable if you make a personalized card on it instead of putting you and your spouse’s name on the towel.

122 Shawls

Photo by: Unknown

Comfy, fashionable and many ways to make them useful.

123 Gloves

Photo by: Unknown

Highly useful in the winter! You can make it ridiculously easy by adding a “Thank you” tag on the


124 Pashminas

Photo by: Greg Finck Photography

Make your guests stay cozy with the pashminas. Let them match your wedding theme or surprise them with unique patterns.

125 Sleep Masks

Photo by: Martha Stewart Weddings

A favor that can prove amazingly useful before the hangover of next day!

126 Hand Warmers

Photo by: Jennifer Fujikawa Photography

Ideal for an autumn or winter wedding.

127 Blankets

Photo by: Anna Roussos

Nothing will keep your guests warmer than a soft blanket! Custom order blankets to feature the date of your wedding, and your guests will think back to your special day every time they use them. How sweet is that?

128 Flip Flops

Photo by: Mike Arick Photography

Tired of wearing heels all day? Give your guests the relieving footwear!

129 Socks

Photo by: Sarah Rhodes

This winter wedding favor idea is too charming to pass up: a pair of warm socks with a tag that reads “Nobody’s Getting’ Cold Feet.” So easy to DIY and so adorable. Your guests will love it!


130 Message in a Bottle

Photo by: Stampington & Company

Send your guest home with love message, or you and your partner’s favorite poem. You can get as creative as you want with this by adding some sand and seashells for a nautical feel, or sprinkle some confetti just for fun.

131 Compass

Photo by: Lisa Berry Photography

Compasses always compliments a vintage themed wedding.

132 Pot Pourri

Photo by: Elli

Something to scent your guests’ homes.

133 Horseshoe

Photo by: Unknown

Bless your guests and their homes with a lot of luck by giving them this favor, with a lovely “thank you” note of course.

134 Scent Sticks

Photo by: Alibaba

Because it’s a lovely addition to anyone’s home!

135 Hip Flasks

Photo by: Ali Express

A unforgettable gift for every gentleman attending your wedding.

136 Concrete Planters

Photo by: Wood Save

Combine your succulents or cactuses with a concrete planter, because it just looks cooler!

137 Candles

Photo by: Lulu Sugar via Etsy

A decorative (scent) candle will always be appreciated.

138 Used Books

Photo by: The Image is Found Photography

Books from a 2nd hand book shop, can be an incredibly cheap way to surprise your guests. Make sure to bring both Fiction and Non fiction books.

139 Calendar

Photo by: Amazon

You can find this easily in souvenir shops or online

140 Mini Globe Party Favor

Photo by: Amazon

For the travel loving bride and groom, these mini globe party favors make such a unique gift for wedding guests.

141 Iconic “Forever Rose”

Photo by: Unknown

Inspired by disney movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Look at the beautiful story that this rose proved the pure love. Nice decoration for their house.

142 Dreamcatcher

Photo by: Gantes

Guarantee your guest good dreams, by giving them this dream catcher.

143 Heart Ring Dishes

Photo by: Alispots via Etsy

A cute way to thank your guests for attending. You might also use it to rest a tea bag on it.

144 Miniature Stags

Photo by: Martha Stewart Weddings

A cute way to thank your guests for attending. For a Fall wedding this would be perfect.

145 Instagram Coasters

Photo by: Just Noey

You can give coasters that represent your marriage. Use meaningful photos, not just face shots.

146 Teacup Candles

Photo by: Indecora

A second hand teacup perhaps? this is an amazing DIY idea, and luckily enough, not to difficult.

147 Mini Clock

Photo by: Wedding Day Colors

You can choose the style of the clock to match your wedding style, like this vintage one.

148 Pictures from the Photo Booth!

Photo by: Weddbook

Provide a photobooth services and let them take the photos home!

149 Tin Candles

Photo by: Unknown

You can personalize them too.

150 Wood magnets

Photo by: Davis Bridal

A “thank you” that will probably end up hanging at your guests’ refrigerators.

151 Lighthouse Lanterns

Photo by: Amazon

For a vintage wedding. Not just candle, some of them can be filled with sweets or your favorite granola.

152 Vintage Postcards

Photo by: W Scott Chester Photography

If your wedding is a destination wedding, postcards might be a perfect gift for your guests. Attendees can send them off back home to friends and family.

153 Photo Frame

Photo by: The Knot

Mini picture frame favors and wedding frames in various shapes and styles perfect for table decorations, gifts or the photos from the photo booth!

154 Plush Dolls

Photo by: DH Gate

Place it at every seat, this plush doll will make cute favor for the guests.

155 Mini Light Box

Photo by: Locomix

Customize your mini light box to match your wedding theme.

156 Flower Candle

Photo by: Ali Express

Candle wedding favors often are considered the most romantic, what if you try one with a beautiful flower shape?

157 Incense

A lovely addition to anyone’s house, give them a sample of your favorite odour.

158 Beer Growler

Photo by: Amazon

With the right colors, it serves as a cool decoration for the house or garden.

159 Christmas Tree Ball

Photo by: Unknown

If Christmas is around the corner, why not give your guest something to hang in the christmas tree?

160 Small Painted Canvas Paintings

Photo by: Unknown

For the artistic Bride and Groom. If you’re creative, you can make them yourself too.

Personal Care

161 Sunblock

Photo by: Unknown

Outdoor wedding on summer could be too harsh for the skin, your guest will appreciate this!

162 Mini Perfume bottles

Photo by: Anthropologie

Good fragrance is what people love, and leave an impression. Your guests’ preference might be diverse, so, go for soft perfumes, so you’re sure it’s a safe choice.

163 Face mist

Photo by: Herbivore Botanicals

For your outdoor wedding, keep them cool with relaxing face mist. They would keep it after the wedding too.

164 Bath Bomb

Photo by: Camille Styles

Everyone love relaxing time, you can provide various essense and colors.

165 Massage Oil

Photo by: Evermine

Massage oils are available in various smells and relax the mind during a lovely massage.

166 Bug Spray

Photo by: Evermine

If you love DIY, you can definitely try this one. Pour the repellant into a cute spray bottle and it will repel mosquitos! (You can also go for natural Citronella variations instead of the toxic Deet based sprays.)

167 Nail Polish

Photo by: Growing Up Hui

This also works for bridal showers. It’s a nice gift to receive as a lady.

168 Bath Salt

Photo by: Wear 4 Trend

You can customize the tube with so many colors that match your wedding therme

169 Crystal Stones

Photo by: Optical Amusements

Crystals and stones make beautiful decorations, and blend right in with other natural add-ins. Saturated jewel and gem tones contribute to show-stopping colorscapes, as do metallics and earthy neutrals.

170 Soaps

Photo by: Soap Savant via Etsy

Often with a delicious fragrance, you can’t go wrong with soaps.

171 hand sanitizer

Photo by: Treasure Your Event via Etsy

Small, handy, and useful. They will keep it after the wedding.

172 Lip balm

Photo by: Unknown

You can provide a few different literary scented lip balms.

Handy Stuff

173 Koozies

Photo by: Ali Express

Ideally for a beach wedding, to keep your beer ice cold.

174 Reusable Water bottles

Photo by: Pop Sugar

But I recommend quitting plastic bottles altogether. The planet will thank you! 🙂

175 Keep Cup

Photo by: Keep Cup

There are reusable coffee cups too! Some coffee shops give you a sweet discount on your orders if you bring one.

176 Mini mirror

Photo by: Ali Express

One of “must have in bag” things that could be cute as a favor.

177 Keychain

Photo by: Twenty Seven

Since everyone carries keys on them out of necessity, a perfect wedding favor for you to give your guests are key chain favors.

178 Phone lens

Photo by: Unknown

This wedding favor is better to give after they filled your registration book, so they can use it for taking photos during the wedding too.

179 Polaroid photos

Photo by: Blush Love Mint

Are you planning to provide a polaroid camera? Prepare films, customized with you and your partners name.

180 Disposable Cameras

Photo by: The Camera Depot via Amazon

Let your guests having fun and making photos during the day!

181 Power Bank

Photo by: Where There is Love Shop via Etsy

Personalizable, and highly useful! Your guests will keep using it even after the wedding day!

182 CD with songs

Photo by: Evermine

Put your wedding playlist on a CD!

183 USB stick with songs

Photo by: Amazon

Did you ever found a beautiful song playlist in someone wedding and curious to asking? Don’t let your guest feel the same. Put your wedding playlist in a USB stick and let them remember the vibes!

184 Cards wallet

Photo by: Unknown

Everyone need to bring cards anywhere they go. It would be nice if you combine this with a cute personalized thank you card, to keep things affordable.

185 Luggage Tags

Photo by: Escort Tags via Etsy

Handy during destination weddings.

186 Hand fan

Photo by: Mythe Barn Weddings

These are colorful, handmade fans keep guests cool during summertime ceremonies and also serve as the perfect photo booth prop.

187 Tote Bags

Photo by: Summer Street Photography

We mentioned that we don’t like disposable plastics before. Giving away tote bags reduces the need for plastic bags.

188 Handkerchief

Photo by: Canpal

Happy tears are about to happen, handkerchief will help you with that.

189 Parasols

Photo by: Jose Villa Photography

Protect your guests from sunburn with a dainty umbrella parasol, a touch that brings a little bit of vintage to your ceremony.

190 Umbrella

Photo by: Connie Lyu

Perfect for any Rainy or Hot season as an answer to unpredictable weather.

191 Temporary Tattoo

Photo by: Nyk and Call

Do you know what makes a great photo booth snapshot? A group of your best friends, all wearing temporary tattoos of you and your love’s faces.

192 Cigars

Photo by: Justine Bursoni

Hand-rolled cigars, wrapped with your personalized labels,

193 Tambourines

Photo by: Ashley Burns Photography

Mini tambourines make pretty keepsakes and they look cute too.

194 Crayons

Photo by: Buzz Feed

If your guest will come with their kids, this wedding favor will definitely make them happy.

195 Mini Sketchbooks

Photo by: Martha Stewart Weddings

Lots of creative friends? They’ll be grateful!

196 Colored Pencils

Photo by: Tip Junkie

Kids will love this, and perhaps your most creative friends too.

197 Custom Pencil

Photo by: Camdeco via Etsy

A wooden engraved pencil, will always be usable somehow.

198 Custom Pen

Photo by: Mission Tie The Knot

Give your guests a comfy pen. So comfy, they will never borrow it to someone else.

199 Russian Dolls

Photo by: Etsy

A Pretty ‘Vintage-chick’ themed wedding favor

200 Playing cards

Photo by: Deck Ideas

You can also personalize the playing cards. Who doesn’t love a set of cards at home?

Retno Dwinika
Retno Dwinika

Retno Dwinika lives in Canggu, Bali. She is active as a wedding planner, blogger and Founder of Amora Bali Weddings. Retno is often seen working from Canggu’s gorgeous cafes and co-working spaces. Between her routines, she always takes the time to enjoy Bali’s romantic sunsets.

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