Bali Wedding Packages

Plan your 2023 wedding with confidence

Because your love should still be celebrated. Amora’s team and partner vendors understand that being flexible is the best solution during these uncertain situations due to COVID-19.

Our flexible solutions include:

Full Refunds *

Get a full refund with no cancellation fees when travel is affected by government restrictions.

Reschedule Flexibly *

Reschedule/postpone your wedding day to any date that's still available.

Wedding Relocation *

In case the wedding has to be relocated, we are happy to help you out without any additional fees.

Floating Deposit *

Use your wedding deposit as a credit on your next holiday.

* Terms and Conditions apply. Selected Venues and Vendors only.
from $1567 Bali Elopement Wedding Packages

Bali is a wonderful island, We believe it's the perfect place to escape and have a private wedding.

from $1805 Bali Budget Wedding Packages

Because a tropical wedding doesn't have to be expensive at all! Our packages provide an excellent balance between price and quality.

from $2020 Bali Chapel Wedding Packages

Amora Bali Weddings works exclusively with the finest Wedding Chapels in Bali. Catered to your own taste and preferences.

from $1785 Bali Beach Wedding Packages

The sound of the ocean hitting the shore, The fresh ocean breeze, and perhaps a beautiful sunset?!

from $2791 Bali Villa Wedding Packages

A once in a lifetime wedding can be done in style. Bali, the island of the Gods is home to numerous beautiful villas, in the most majestic places.

Bali is an amazing Destination for a Wedding. However, planning and organising a Wedding in Bali can be incredibly time-consuming. After all.. you want your day to be perfect, without stressing too much about organising. We offer All-Inclusive Wedding packages in Bali, starting from $1567 nett. All the Wedding Packages are nett. priced, which means no hidden costs or fees. Our experienced team from Amora Bali Weddings created amazing Wedding Packages with the finest wedding venues and vendors in Bali, so you can enjoy your day without any headache.

Why a wedding package in Bali?

Because we hand-picked the best venues and vendors and combined them into wedding packages. A wedding package is also a quick way to estimate the total costs of realising wedding in Bali. It gives a quick overview what you can expect of a wedding in Bali, where further modifications are always possible.

What are the costs for a wedding package?

It all depends on your budget! We created packages for: elopement weddings, villa weddings, budget weddings, chapel weddings, beach weddings and villa weddings.

The budget weddings are an excellent balance between price and quality, in gorgeous venues! Villa weddings tend to be more expensive as you're able to make an event more intimate, with lots of luxury and class. When preferred intimate and inexpensive, an elopement is a very budget-friendly option. All prices from our Bali wedding packages are all nett. priced. That means we guarantee no hidden fees.

What kind of wedding packages are possible in Bali?

There are many kinds of packages, based on different kind of needs.

Elopement packages

Usually just the two of you, also possible with a slightly bigger group. An Elopement wedding package in Bali is by far the the most cost-effecient alternative to get married, a very attractive alternative compared to a wedding in your hometown.

Villa packages

Luxury and Privacy. A wedding in a villa brings a lot more privacy compared to a wedding in a resort or hotel. In a villa you usually have more freedom of bringing your own vendors without added corkage fees. Bali is home to hundreds of gorgeous villas, to make your wedding in Bali just unforgettable. Amora has partnered with many villas in Bali to create amazing wedding packages.

Beach packages

Bali is still an island. For that reason, many people choose to get married on the beach. Bali is home to many venues that offer a wedding ceremony with a romantic beachfront ambiance.

Budget packages

An excellent balance between price & quality. A budget package brings a lot of value for a Bali wedding for an amazing price. Compared to elopement packages, these packages are more friendlier for bigger groups of guests.

Chapel packages

Bali is also home to dozens of wedding chapels. There are many amazing wedding chapels, some located on an oceanfront, on a cliff or a beach. Most wedding chapels in Bali are airconditioned.