Bali Wedding Planner

Because you've always dreamt about a perfect wedding in Bali. That's where we come in. We take care of the entire wedding experience in Bali. Our team at Amora Bali Weddings is a trusted Bali wedding planner and event organizer.


Amora Bali Weddings crafted arrangements together with the finest venues and vendors in Bali. Packages will give you a very good idea how much you will spend on a Wedding in Bali.


Everything is going to be magical!

We were so happy and grateful for the amazing service Amora Bali Wedding Planner provided for us. We highly recommend them if you are considering having a Bali wedding. I promise you that if you choose to get married on this wonderful island, everything is going to be magical.

The perfect day!

Amora Bali Weddings made our day the perfect day! From beginning to end, they took so much care of each and every detail. Most importantly, when there were downs at unfortunate times, they were there to take care of it quickly and effectively! A bride and groom could not ask for anything more.

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It's just one step to get in touch with a Wedding Organizer. Our Wedding Planners can't wait to meet and assist you! Tell us little bit about what you expect for your wedding day. We are here to make your dreams wedding come true.