10 Clever Reasons To Consider a Destination Wedding

By Retno Dwinika

Want to make your wedding more memorable and personal, and also keep the guest list under control? Or getting a better value for your money? There’s an easy way to do both of those things. Just add the romance of a honeymoon by having a destination wedding.

A destination wedding is basically a wedding that takes place at a remote holiday destination. Instead of having your nuptials locally where you’ll need to plan and prepare for a huge affair with a large guest list, you instead have them at a foreign location near to where you will be spending your honeymoon. Here are 10 reasons why a destination wedding might be a wonderful choice for you.

1. Share your honeymoon vacation with your close friends and family.

Normally your honeymoon is just you and your new spouse. While it can sometimes be great to get away from the stresses that go along with dealing with the people in your life for a while, you might prefer to share your vacation with the people you love. A destination wedding is a great way to take your family and friends with you on your honeymoon holiday and let them enjoy the vacation experience with you.

2. Combine your wedding with your honeymoon and save money.

Weddings are hugely expensive. They can often cost more than your honeymoon getaway. A destination wedding lets you combine the two into something more intimate and personal and save a huge amount of money into the bargain. Without the expectations involved with a local wedding, you can do away with many of the normal wedding trappings. This lets you save yourself money that you might need to start your new married life.

3. Elope, and make the wedding all about you and your partner.

If you really want to save yourself money and stress then an elopement wedding is a smart way to go. Eloping for your wedding lets you and your partner focus on making the wedding your own personal thing that you can enjoy without all the anxiety of dealing with wedding guests.

4. A destination wedding drastically cuts down on the planning you need to do.

There’s usually a huge amount of planning that goes into a wedding. You might find yourself preparing and strategizing for months before you even get near to the wedding date. Destination weddings tend to be a lot simpler to plan with fewer guests and a more informal setting. Most of the places where you might choose to have your honeymoon are already set up with everything you’ll need for the wedding ceremony.

5. Let a local professional handle all the wedding planning for you.

If the thought of planning a wedding is really not something that appeals to you then you can find wedding packages where everything is planned out for you. The company in charge of the arrangements will take care of everything involved and let you spend your time enjoying yourself and planning for your new married life. You just need to give them the basic information they need to know and then you can leave everything to them.

6. Stretch your wedding celebration over your entire honeymoon.

Normally a wedding celebration is over in a few hours to a day. You have the wedding ceremony, the reception, and then you are off on your honeymoon. By combining your wedding reception with a honeymoon package and sharing the honeymoon vacation with your guests the celebration can last as long as the honeymoon does.

7. A destination wedding as a renewal of vows.

If your original wedding ended up involving more stress than a celebration then a destination wedding may give you a chance to renew your wedding vows in a more laid-back setting. Whether you renew your vows every few decades or every few years you can make the experience more special by having the celebration while on an exotic holiday far from the cares of your normal life.

8. A less formal and more personal wedding.

Marriage is a personal and intimate thing but weddings can often be everything but that. With all the arrangements to take care of and all the people, you might need to please both you and your partner’s enjoyment of the event can get lost in all the preparations. An event wedding will let you tone down the more serious aspects of the wedding and focus on the fun bits.

9. You can use your wedding as a reason to see new parts of the world.

Most people don’t stray far from the places they are used to. Many make plans to travel and never actually get around to doing so. If you are looking for an excuse to see more of the world than you have experienced so far then setting your wedding in a remote and exotic location can be a great way to do that. Your wedding can be a memorable adventure that will encourage you and your spouse to travel and see more of the world in the future.

10. Use a destination wedding as an excuse to not invite people you don’t want at your wedding.

Everyone has a few relatives and associates who they don’t enjoy spending time with but who they may feel obligated to invite to their wedding. Maybe they are people who you normally get along with but they tend to become a problem at parties and celebrations. If you’ve got some people like this in your life then a destination wedding might be the perfect excuse to leave them off the guest list.

If you want to make your wedding something that you will remember fondly for the rest of your life then setting it in an overseas location is a great way to achieve that. It lets you save money and keep the whole experience at a more personal and manageable level, and it lets you enjoy the beginning of your new married life with your closest friends and family to celebrate it with you. So think about the foreign places you have always wanted to visit and consider having your wedding ceremony at one of these places.

Retno Dwinika
Retno Dwinika

Retno Dwinika lives in Canggu, Bali. She is active as a wedding planner, blogger and Founder of Amora Bali Weddings. Retno is often seen working from Canggu’s gorgeous cafes and co-working spaces. Between her routines, she always takes the time to enjoy Bali’s romantic sunsets.

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