Bali Honeymoon Packages

Just married and planning your honeymoon? We believe that your trip should be different from a typical holiday. Having a one-of-a-kind culture, diverse landscape and hundreds of activities to do and all of that a single island. That’s why Bali is considered one of the best places in the world to spend your honeymoon.

Our in-house experts curated the best areas in Bali for a honeymoon, paired it with partnerships from highly qualified resorts, hotels and villas all around the island. The Bali Honeymoon Packages are crafted to have an outstanding balance between price and quality.

Why Bali honeymoon packages?

Bali is a well-known destination by people all over the world. For this reason, it’s no surprise that Bali is well connected internationally! To Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar, Bali , on a daily base, there are dozens of flights from major hubs in the world eg: Singapore, Dubai, London, Amsterdam. Ticket prices are often very affordable and regularly you can find good deals for flight tickets to Bali.

Often mistaken by travellers as a separate country, The island Bali is a province located in Indonesia. The island is approximately 5,780 km2 (2,230 sq. mi) compared to its neighbouring island Java, Bali is a small, compact place where many sceneries and things-to-do are within reach. The culture of Bali is unique. Within Indonesia, Bali is the last Hindu stronghold of the Indonesian Archipelago. Because of the history of Bali and certain choices made during colonization, there is not a single place like Bali in the world.

Bali is an All-in-one location when you’re interested in different kinds of activities, whether you like hiking, diving, surfing, yoga or just having a laid back lazy retreat, there’s a lot to do in Bali, for every kind of person. For that reason, we teamed up with a large number of resorts, villas, tour companies in Bali to craft all-inclusive Bali honeymoon packages.

What kind of honeymoon packages can I choose?

Honeymoon in resorts

When you consider one of the Bali honeymoon packages that are in a resort, the resort usually offers a romantic dinner, complimentary spa packages and pick-up and drop-off from and to the airport.

Honeymoon package in a villa

Bali is home to many luxurious villas. From big villas to luxury compact villas for two. With our honeymoon packages, you can enjoy your honeymoon in a gorgeous villa in many different neighbourhoods in Bali. When you book a package, you'll get the best balance between price and quality. The high standards of hospitality will make your stay unforgettable.

How many nights do I usually get for a package?

The amount of nights is different per package, some honeymoon packages offer 4 nights, while an other package can offer 7. Our honeymoon packages are an excellent balance between quality and price. For the longer honeymoon packages, our experts carefully considered travel times in the package, so you'll not feel like being rushed from activity to activity. Whenever you'd like to customize or add certain itineraries to a package, our experts are happy to assist and advise you to plan your trip and modify the package with you.

What kind of sceneries for my honeymoon can I expect in Bali?


Bali has a lot of Jungle areas. A package in a Balinese jungle is romantic and timeless! There is an abundance of resorts in Bali that chose to settle in the jungle for the environment, offering wonderful accommodations and spa treatments with relaxing green views. For your Bali honeymoon, you'll be able to become one with nature in Bali’s magical natural beauty.


Bali has an abundance of beautiful beaches in the southern Bukit area of Bali (Uluwatu, Nusa Dua), but also beaches that are more suited for surfing or watching a sunset (Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu). The west coast is known for its sunsets, while the east coast (Sanur area) is more known for its sunrises. When you decide to visit a beach, it is always good to keep the location in mind. Some resorts tend to have a secluded beach, which tend to be more difficult to reach for the general public. Many places offer a good package to enjoy a party of your holiday right next to the beach.


Bali has many waterfalls to discover, either for a waterfall wedding or an adventurous swim and photoshoot for your ‘Gram!


Bali has many wonderful clifftops to enjoy a cocktail in a bar, or have picnics without spending too much money.

Rice Paddies

Bali has numerous of Unesco protected rice fields to preserve Bali’s authentic rice paddies.

What makes Bali a romantic honeymoon destination?

Luxury Honeymoons in Bali

Bali has an abundance of gorgeous small to extremely large villas for short weekend retreats or large scale events. Many villas that are part of our Bali honeymoon packages are located in mountainous areas, jungles, beach areas and sometimes even on clifftops.


There are many places in Bali for a romantic sunset dinner or a sunset cocktail with your loved one. Walking on a beach during sunset is a very low-cost romantic thing to do in Bali.

An abundance of tours and activities

In Bali, there is a lot to do as a couple when you decide to celebrate your Bali honeymoon. Bali has a diverse range of things-to-do for adventurous couples but also more laid-back undertakings like spa treatments or sightseeing.

Which areas are the best for a Bali honeymoon?

Ubud area

Ubud is known as the centre of arts and culture of Bali. It’s located amongst steep green ravines and rice paddies in the foothills of the Gianyar Area. Ubud is the home of the famous Bali Monkey Forest and was even one of the primary locations where the movie ‘Eat Pray Love’ was filmed. Ubud's romantic atmosphere will be unforgettable for your Bali honeymoon.

Canggu Area

Located a little north of Seminyak, Canggu was once a sleepy fisherman’s village. Now, it’s dominated by the biggest ex-pat community in Bali, mainly existing out of Millennials, it recently evolved into the primary hotspot in Bali full of Surf spots, Yoga studios, Coworking Spaces and hip cafes. There are many newly built villas in Canggu, and getting around is amazingly easy using a scooter. Canggu is one of the best places in Bali to watch a mesmerizing sunset. When you like to stay close to the action, spending your Bali honeymoon in Canggu definitely not a bad idea.

Seminyak Area

Located south of Canggu, Seminyak is often considered as one of the higher-end areas in Bali, compared to the other areas. In Seminyak, you’ll find an abundance of beach clubs, resorts, luxury hotels, shops, night clubs and many world-class restaurants that are unique to Bali. Like Canggu, Seminyak is strategically located to all the action in Bali, which could be a strategic choice, when you decide to spend your Bali honeymoon here.

Uluwatu area

Home to many beautiful Clifftops and Luxury resorts, Uluwatu is considered a more secluded area in Bali, in the Bukit (The southern peninsula) where you’ll find the most beautiful beaches in Bali.

Nusa Dua area

Nusa Dua is also located in the Bukit (The southern peninsula). It is full of Luxury Resorts located next to Bali’s most beautiful beaches.

When to visit for your Bali honeymoon

Dry season

The dry season in Bali lasts typically from April to September. During the dry season, you’ll experience almost every day to be sunny. When you have a shorter holiday in Bali, you’ll generally have an easier time to plan things in Bali, as the weather rarely will be the reason to cancel or postpone plans. Booking a Bali honeymoon package is generally more expensive during the dry season, as the dry season is aligned to many international holidays.

Rain Season

The rainy season in Bali typically lasts from October to March. Unlike most western countries, accurately predicting the weather during the rainy season in Bali is close to impossible. In contrast to the dry season, the sunny days in Bali during a rainy season are often extremely hot days. When you’re planning things-to-do for the rain season in Bali, it requires more flexibility. You’ll find yourself often cancelling and postponing plans because the weather is always uncertain. However, booking a Bali honeymoon package is often cheaper in the low season, and is still a fine choice when you have more time available.

How do I plan a Bali honeymoon?

You can plan by booking a Bali honeymoon package.

What to do on a honeymoon in Bali

Bali is not only home to beautiful sceneries, but also a place for many fun things to do to do during your honeymoon! Rafting, horse riding, sunset dining, hiking mount Batur, having a spa treatment, surfing, snorkelling, diving, watching a kecak dance and so much more unforgettable things to do in Bali.

Book a tour with your loved one

When you book a tour in Bali, you can witness beautiful Balinese sceneries like Mount Batur, the Monkey forest, Bali’s Jatiluwih Rice Paddies, or Balinese traditions, like a Kecak dance at Uluwatu temple.

Visit a day spa with your spouse

There is an abundance of spas located in Bali. Spas that are either part of resorts or stand-alone spa organizations. Make sure to check your package to see if a spa treatment is included.